With the support from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, Demo Finland enhanced international experience sharing and active citizenship of youth. During a pilot project that ended in September 2014, four international study visits were organised with young participants from Finland, Bangladesh, Nepal and Slovenia. These study visits concentrated on, e.g. human rights, equality, anti-corruption and the participation of youth. In addition, events and seminars on these issues were organised in each of the four countries.

The international experience sharing, mutual learning and peer support among youth continued to have a central role in the second project that run through 2015. Additionally, the opportunities of young people to influence their societies was a cross-cutting theme. The project Youth Creating Solutions for Meaningful Participation deepened the themes that were discussed in the pilot project, and built on the feedback from the project.

In 2015, international training programmes were organised in Slovenia, Bangladesh, Finland and Nepal. The main objects were to increase knowledge and skills of youth to actively participate in their societies, to tackle the concerns in their societies and to promote the values of democracy and human rights. All the Finnish participants were active members of political youth and student organisations.