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Demo Finland’ board consists of representatives from its member parties. The board is elected for two years and it has a rotating presidency.

Mirja Ryynänen (Centre Party), who acted as Demo Finland’s first chair in 2006–2007, was invited as honorary chairperson at the 10th anniversary seminar of Demo Finland, on 15 September 2015.

The board for 2020–21 (deputy members in brackets):

Chair: Sebastian Tynkkynen (Sanna Antikainen), Finns Party
1. Vice-chair: Sari Tanus (Soili Haverinen), Christian Democrats
2. Vice-chair: Kristiina Salonen (Jani Kykkänen), Social Democratic Party

Samuli Sinisalo (Veera Alahuhta), Social Democratic Party
Suvi Karhu (Tanja Aidanjuuri-Niemi), Finns Party
Saara-Sofia Sirén (Jaakko Aromaa), National Coalition Party
Helen Josefsson (Marika Helin), National Coalition Party
Niina Nurkkala (Auli Piiparinen), Centre Party
Miikkael Azaize (Riku Eskelinen), Centre Party
Bella Forsgrén (Satu Haapanen), Greens
Veronika Honkasalo (Johannes Hautaviita), Left Alliance
Anna Jungner-Nordgren (Mikko Ollikainen), Swedish People’s Party
Hjallis Harkimo (Joel Kettula), Movement Now

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