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Demo Finland’s headquarters is in Helsinki, Finland. Please find our contact information on the contact page.

Our staff

Gary Klaukka

Executive Director (Acting)

+358 45 783 23205

Jonna Haapanen

Director of Programmes

Head of international programmes

+358 50 468 2366 LinkedIn

Suvi Kilpeläinen

Head of Finance

Finance and administration

+358 50 308 6706 LinkedIn

Anna Antila

Engagement Adviser

International networks, new initiatives

+358 50 575 8839 LinkedIn

Leena Faurie

Programme Manager

Programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia | Disability inclusion

+358 50 556 6591

Katja José

Programme Manager

Programmes in Mozambique, Somalia and Tunisia

+358 50 495 2505 LinkedIn

Anna Juhola

Communications and Programme Manager

Communications, programme in Finland

+358 50 543 8581 LinkedIn

Iida Kalmanlehto

Programme Manager

Programmes in Myanmar and Sri Lanka

+358 50 364 3675

Roope Keränen

Financial and Administrative Coordinator

Administrative affairs, billing

+358 50 535 9875 LinkedIn

Fanni Linnala

Programme Assistant

Events and office administration

+358 50 516 1568 LinkedIn

Virva Viljanen

Dialogue Adviser

Programme in Finland

+358 50 304 5345

Anu Juvonen

Executive Director (on sabbatical)


Jutta Marjanen

Programme Manager (on parental leave)

Women's political participation and gender equality

Saara Nokelainen

Programme Manager (on study leave)

Programmes in Myanmar and Sri Lanka | Climate change and democracy

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