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About us

Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland is a cooperative organisation of Finnish parliamentary parties that supports democracy by carrying out and facilitating cooperative projects between Finnish parties and parties in new and developing democracy. Demo Finland is also Finland’s leading expert and advocacy organisation on democracy support. Demo Finland is not ideologically, religiously, or politically tied to any particular movement. 

Demo Finland envisions a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in democratic decision-making. 

Demo Finland’s objectives: 

  • Programmatic, inclusive, and democratic parties have been strengthened 
  • Dialogue between parties has increased 
  • Parties’ commitment to democracy assistance is evident in policy 

Demo Finland’s activities are aimed at strengthening equal opportunities for participation, constructive cross-party cooperation, pluralist political debate, and the capacity of politicians to influence social development through peaceful methods. The specific priorities of the activities include supporting the inclusion of groups that are underrepresented in politics, such as women, youth, and disabled people, fostering dialogue between parties, and strengthening the programmatic work of parties. 

Demo Finland was founded by parliamentary parties themselves. The Finnish Parliament and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland have also been closely involved in the planning and activities of Demo Finland from the very beginning. Thus, Demo Finland has a strong mandate for furthering democracy in new and developing democracies and has the expertise of the entire Finnish political system at its disposal. 

At the moment, Demo Finland’s work is mainly funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. In addition, Demo Finland is one of the implementing partners in the EU-funded Step Democracy programme in Myanmar. 

Politicians on stage at Suomi Areena event
Politicians from Demo Finland’s member parties discussed on democracy in the SuomiAreena event in 2019.
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