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Democracy education for democratic societies

When: 19 March 2024, 9:45–11:15
Where: Summit for Democracy, COEX Center Room 318 in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
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Half of the world’s population is under 30, but they have little say over the decisions that shape their future. Statistics show that the world’s young people are increasingly disengaged from political life: they’re voting less, rejecting party membership, and telling researchers that their country’s leaders aren’t working in their interests. 

But at the same time, young people remain engaged in civic life. They attend demonstrations, use the internet to make their voices heard, and are active outside the traditional political sphere, like in business, at school, and in civil society organisations. At a time when political rights and civil liberties are in decline, why are youth so dissatisfied with democracy? And how can civic and democratic leaders bring them back into the fold? 

Building on the momentum of the successes of the past Summits and taking a forward-looking perspective on education and the advancement of meaningful youth participation, the event aims at providing the audience with concrete suggestions and ideas for the role of democracy education, such as dialogue skills, cross-party cooperation and peer learning as tools for greater advancement of meaningful youth inclusion for future generations.  


  • Ms. Maureen Oduori, Westminster Foundation for Democracy Kenya  
  • Ms. Loise Mwakamba, Communication specialist and creative at Mzalendo Trust in Kenya 
  • Mr. Kayiwa Samuel, Project Officer | Human Rights & Civic Space, Students for Global Democracy Uganda
  • Mr. LIM Hyun Mook, Director of APCEIU 
  • Mr. Pekka Hukka, Ambassador of democracy and rule of law, Government of Finland  

Moderated by Mr. Rilli Lappalainen, Executive Director (acting), Demo Finland 


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