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New project brings together youth from Finland, Bangladesh, Nepal and Slovenia

Demo Finland has a new project “Participation in Action – Sharing, Learning and Involving Together”, which supports international mobility and experience sharing of young people from Asia and Europe. This is a one-year-long project funded by the European Union’s Youth in Action –instrument. Demo’s partners in the project are human rights organisation Odhikar in Bangladesh and the Slovenian youth network Mama. The activities will take place in Finland, Nepal, Bangladesh and Slovenia.

The project focuses on the international experience sharing, mutual learning and peer support of politically active youth in the four countries. The objectives are to strengthen the active citizenship and political participation of young people and to promote democracy and human rights. Cross-cutting themes during the whole project are the opportunities and methods for participation of youth and youth organisations, as well as sharing and developing good practices among the participants. In Finland, Demo works closely with the political youth and student organisations in planning and implementing the project.

2013 12 17 yia odhikar

The activities of the project include study visits for each of the four countries and dissemination seminars in every country after the visits. The activities will take place during the spring 2014. The participants of the project will also produce a toolkit focusing on the structures of youth participation and good practices in the four countries.

The partnership agreements between Demo Finland and its new partners, Odhikar and MaMa were signed in the planning meeting of the project in December 2013 in Kathmandu.

2013 12 17 yia mama

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