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A vote for women – a documentary film


“We know that the guys have their own networks, even in equal societies, there are associations that have existed for hundreds of years and they still do not let us women in. We need to have our own networks supporting each other.”Astrid Thors

The documentary film follows female candidates during the last campaigning weeks of the Finnish parliamentary election of 2011. It shares the atmosphere, excitement and experiences of different campaigning events across the country. The documentary illustrates how female candidates share many similar challenges, but are often able to overcome them with creativity, determination and collaboration.

Women’s participation in politics is essential to maintain equality and to ensure that women’s points of view are incorporated into national policies. The documentary hopes to serve as a tool for those who might benefit from the experiences of Finnish woman politicians.

The runtime of the film is 33 minutes. The documentary is available in DVD format at Demo Finland’s office.

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