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Blue Reform has joined Demo Finland

The political party Blue Reform has become a member of Demo Finland on April 3rd. In the annual spring meeting of the organization held on the 24th of April the party was represented by Party Secretary and Member of Parliament Matti Torvinen and Maija Karjalainen, Expert on International Affairs.

Blue Reform is glad to join Demo Finland.

”Supporting democratic decision-making processes is one of the best ways to work for  more equal sharing of wealth, advance citizen participation and empower women”, said Party Secretary Torvinen.

The party feels that in addition to working with political parties Demo Finland could, however, collaborate more with civil society and youth organizations.

“This would support reaching the overall goal of comprehensive societal change”, Torvinen stated.

In the annual spring meeting Member of Parliament Kari Kulmala was appointed as the party representative of Blue Reform for Demo Finland’s Executive Board. Vaili Jämsä-Uusitalo was appointed as his deputy.

Demo Finland warmly welcomes Blue Reform!

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