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Parliamentary parties’ women’s organizations: Underrepresentation of women needs to end

The women’s organizations of Finnish parliamentary parties require that equality needs to be the top priority in Finland’s security policy. Security policy is not just about military action, it also has a social and human dimension. The best way to support democracy is to prevent conflicts and secure people’s fundamental rights, the representatives of women’s organizations point out.

The precondition for well being societies is that all genders can have their voices heard in decision-making processes regarding security and defense. Women’s voices must be heard in all levels of decision-making:

  • Parties need to assign women more visible roles and utilize women’s know-how in security and defense issues
  • Committee seats and chairmanships need to be divided equally between all genders
  • In order to challenge existing gendered structures, half of the new ministers need to be women. In addition, a female and a male candidate must be nominated as Finland’s EU Commissioner.

Parliamentary parties’ women’s organizations share the view, that climate change is the most urgent global security threat. Women’s organizations demand that climate change must be recognized as a real global security threat that cannot be solved without the participation of women. Peace is promoted through multiparty cooperation, not by waging war.

The connection between development policy and foreign and security policy has to be ensured because this connection is an integral part of sustainable and ethical decision-making. Therefore, the continuity of funding for development cooperation must be ensured and women need to be the priority in Finland’s development policy.

The representatives of women’s organizations composed a joint statement during the Democracy Academy -training course, which was facilitated by Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland.

Merja-Hannele Vuohelainen, Finnish Social Democratic Women
Annika Ojala,
The Green Women´s Association
Jutta Wirén,
The Women´s League of the Coalition Party
Arja Tauria-Huttunen,
Left Women
Pilvi Hyttinen,
The Women´s Organisation of the Centre Party
Jaana Haikarainen,
The Women of True Finns
Ann-Sofi Backgren,
The Women´s Organisation of the Swedish People´s Party
Tiina Tuomela,
Christian Democratic Women in Finland
Marja Nousiainen, Blue Reform Women

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Political Parties of Finland for Democracy – Demo Finland

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