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Nepal’s youth for multiparty democracy

Demo Finland’s work in Nepal supports the co-operation between political youth organizations. The youth organizations are an example for the parties in power in their capability to work together. Parties in power are still disagreeing about the future constitution of the country.

In May Nepal’s Supreme Court ruled the Constituent Assembly illegal. In four years the politicians in the Assembly didn’t find consensus even about the most central questions of the constitution. The new constitution was supposed to be ready in two years, but the deadline has been postponed already five times.

The peace process is in the balance at the moment. No one knows who has or should have the power. At the same time the administration is working slowly as usual. There’s no information about new elections.

The Joint Youth and Students’ Platform reinforces democracy

2012 09 07 nepalnaiset

Demo started the programme in Nepal in the end of the year 2006 when the country was in transition to  democracy. Youth was in central role in the uprising and wanted to participate in building new democratic Nepal together. With the eight biggest parties’ youth and student organizations, Demo founded a cross-party forum: The Joint Youth and Students’ Platform. The Platform has provided a neutral space for dialogue between parties in its five operating years.

At the moment Demo’s work with youth and student politicians is extremely important because of the delicate situation. The platform provides a valuable neutral space for youth organizations that have traditionally been in the frontline of changes in Nepal.

Pictures: Jussi Kanner

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