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Nepal’s challenging peace process

In May 2009, Demo organized a seminar on the Nepalese peace process together with a delegation of representatives from Nepalese political youth and student organizations visiting Finland, Nepalese living in Finland as well as the Finnish Service Centre for Development Cooperation, KEPA. The panellists consisted of representatives form the Madhesis to the Maoists and Nepalese living in Finland as well as Finland-Nepal Friendship Society.

Lots of open questions

The panelists from the left: Raju Khadka (Young Communist League), Aendra Nembang, (Progressive Youth Forum), Yusuf Safi (Madhesi Youth Forum), Matti Penttilä (Suomi-Nepal –seura), Gopal Aryal (The Finnish-Nepalese Society) sekä Shambhu S. Sah (NRNA)

In the panel discussion, the panelists identified the following issues as the biggest challenges for the peace process: integration of the Maoist soldiers in the Nepali army, the Madhesi question and mistrust among political parties. However, Matti Penttilä from the Finland-Nepal Friendship Society stressed, that there were more issues that the panellists agreed on than disagreed on. This should be the focus in the future, so that the peace process will be finalized and the new Nepali Constitution drafted by the deadline.

Already the fact that in the Constitutional Assembly of Nepal, there is no majority party and thus true cooperation across party borders is required, stressed Aendra Nembang from Progressive Youth Forum, which is the youth organization of the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist).

Raju Khadka from the Young Communist League commented that it is imperative to work together against those who are for the status quo, because change is needed. The discussion ended with a joint declaration of will to find a solution.

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