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Open discussion on democracy assistance

[pull_quote_center]How do the political parties in Netherlands support democracy in developing countries? What is Finland’s democracy assistance like? How does the cooperative organisation of the Finnish parliamentary parties, Demo Finland, work with political parties in developing countries to strengthen the participation of underrepresented groups?[/pull_quote_center]


Political Parties of Finland for Democracy, Demo Finland, and its Dutch counterpart the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) will organise an open event on democracy assistance on Tuesday, 1st Oct at 10-11.30 in Business Meeting Park (Korkeavuorenkatu 30 A, 2nd foor).

The event will include discussion on the experiences of Demo Finland and NIMD on political party democracy assistance and on the multiparty approach to democracy support. The speakers of the event are Executive Director Hans Bruning and Director of Programmes Pepijn Gerrits from NIMD, Deputy Director General Riikka Laatu from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Acting Executive Director Tiina Kukkamaa-Bah and Senior Advisor Sari Varpama from Demo Finland.

Political Parties of Finland for Democracy, Demo Finland, is currently active in Nepal, Tanzania, Tunisia and Zambia to strengthen the political participation of women and youth and to increase cross-party cooperation. NIMD works with over 150 political parties in 21 countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Demo Finland and NIMD both use multiparty approach to democracy assistance to support cooperative projects of political parties. These aim at the development of the democratic system, at strengthening the political party institutions and at increasing the cooperation of political parties, civil society and media. Like Demo Finland, NIMD is a cooperative organisation of political parties and it is based on mutual experience sharing and on using the expertise of the political parties of Netherlands in its programmes.

The discussion will be in English. Coffee will be served in the event.

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