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climate change

A wicked problem and slow democracy – an impossible equation?

Climate change is a quickly evolving wicked problem. As the IPCC special report has pointed out, we only have limited time to react to...
politiikakkoulussa, tunisia, vaalit, demokratia

“TSoP taught me to be a democrat”

Tunisian School of Politics (TSoP) trains young politicians on the principles of democracy. This is important, because Tunisia is facing another interesting election year....
nuorten, äänestäminen, vaalit, vaikuttaminen, demokratia, youth

The votes of youth are an untapped power – why don’t they use it?

According to the 2018 Youth Barometer,  an annual study of Finns between the ages 15 to 29, indicates that most young people believe in...
some, sosiaalinen media, demokratia, Demo, social media

Social media – a threat or a possibility for democracy? 

Social media has become irreplaceable in our lives. It has great influence not only on individual citizens, but also on a broader scale on...