• Women politicians have established cross-party platforms with the support of Demo Finland and its local partner ZNWL
  • At the national level, the women wings of political parties made their first joint statement less than a year from the beginning of their co-operation with Demo Finland
  • In addition to numerous local trainings gathering hundreds of women politicians every year, all the women councilors of Zambia participate in annual trainings with Demo Finland and ZNWL

In Zambia, Demo Finland works to strengthen the roles of women in local-level decision-making. Working together with the Zambia National Women’s Lobby, the project supports women politicians and aims to increase their possibilities to influence. While women’s share in parliament and in local councils increased in the elections in autumn 2016, percentage is still low.

The project is implemented in six districts (Kalomo, Kaoma, Kapiri, Mposhi, Lusaka and Chibombo) and targets primarily the women politicians elected in the elections 2016. The aim is to increase their capacities and leadership skills. Political parties being the keyholders in the political participation of women, the parties are also trained in the inclusion of women and supported in making of the equality plans. The status of women is strengthened also in the local communities by raising awareness on gender equality and the importance of women’s political participation.

Demo Finland also supports a stronger co-operation between women politicians across party lines, to ensure a stronger impact is made in issues they hold important. This cross-party cooperation is done on the local level as well as on the national level in the project’s steering group that gathers together representatives from all political parties’ women’s wings.