Vision and mission

Vision | In international development policy, political parties are recognized as duty-bearers of development, and Finland’s foreign and security policy promotes peace and development by supporting pluralistic political systems.

Mission | Demo Finland is a cooperative organization of the Finnish parliamentary parties, a unique actor that contributes to the development policy goals and that enhances pluralistic democracy by supporting the work and cross-party cooperation of political parties in partner countries. Demo Finland is a leading Finnish expert of democracy support.

Supporting democracy is supporting peace, development, equality and human rights. They exist more often in pluralistic multiparty democracies than in other forms of government. Political parties that represent citizens are at the core of genuine democracy. Without them, representative democracy cannot function. In a genuine multiparty democracy, development and economic growth do not only benefit the elite but are distributed more equally between citizens.

However, parties and political systems are often weak in developing democracies. State actors need independent actors to complement their efforts for supporting democracy, which is why actors like Demo Finland are needed.

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