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Demo Finland launches new Erasmus+ project

Demo Finland’s work for youth participation with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union continues. A new project, entitled Youth Creating Solutions for Meaningful Participation, takes advantage of the experiences and feedback of a previous project that ended in September 2014.

The project will take place in four countries; Finland, Bangladesh, Nepal and Slovenia. The aim is to increase the knowledge and skills of youth to actively participate in their societies, tackle concerns in their societies and promote democracy and human rights, as well as to enhance mutual learning among the partner countries. During the year 2015, four international trainings will be organised in the partner countries, with youth and youth workers from the four countries as participants. Youth participation and the possibilities of young people to influence will be dealt with in all trainings, but all trainings also have a specific theme.

The training programmes consist of a training of trainers, pilot trainings for local target group and producing a training manual. After the international training programmes, the participants will also share their learning experience in trainings or workshops in their own countries. The objective is to offer the participating organisations new tools and competent trainers. The participants from Finland represent political youth and student organisations of different parties.

The project is launched in Slovenia where the first training programme takes place in January. During spring 2015, trainings will also be organised in Bangladesh and in Finland, and the last training will take place in Nepal during the autumn.

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