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New Country Director in Nepal: “Experiences are welcomed, prescriptions will not help”

”Nepal is at crossroads, we have to decide on the kind of governance and political system we want to build our country on. It is of utmost importance to link the politicians, the public, the media and other actors to ensure that everyone is working towards commonly set goals”, says Rakesh Karna, the new Country Director of Demo Finland in Nepal.

”International actors may help in two ways, firstly, by reminding that Nepal is a part of the global family and it has committed to international declarations, standards and values. Secondly, they can help in facilitating and supporting dialogue among different actors. International community and its experiences are welcomed, but it must refrain from giving a prescription”, continues Karna when asked about what should the role of international actors be in Nepal’s development.

Karna, who took lead at the office in September, says that Demo Finland has done a good job in supporting young politicians for future leadership positions. He wants that Demo Finland shows a strong example of vivid and constructive dialogue among the various actors involved in building a democratic Nepal.

Karna brings his expertise of more than fifteen years in the non-profit sector to Demo Finland. He has worked around Nepal in projects tackling issues of peace building, participation of youth and women, minority rights and most recently, local governance in some of the most conflict-ridden regions of the country.


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