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New Executive Director for Demo Finland


Anu Juvonen has been selected as Acting Executive Director of Demo Finland. Juvonen has extensive work experience in the development sector and previously worked for Demo Finland as Director of Programmes until September 2015.

“Democracy, peace and security are clearly interlinked, and therefore supporting democracy is more important than ever before.

At the same time, resources for development co-operation have decreased and one of my main tasks is to secure sufficient funding to carry on Demo Finland’s efficient and important work that truly delivers.

Democracy is one of the focus areas of Finland’s development policy but political parties and their knowhow still remain underutilised resources. Constructive cross-party co-operation is needed now and in the future, both in Finland and abroad”, Juvonen states.

Executive Director Tiina Kukkamaa-Bah has been granted a leave until March 2018 to act as Director of Good Governance and Gender Unit at OSCE ODIHR.

Follow Anu on Twitter @AnuJuvonen.

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