This page lists previous Demo Finland projects.

In Nepal Demo Finland supported the establishment and partnered with the Joint Youth and Student Platform that brought together all major political student and youth organisations of the country from 2007 until 2015.

In Sri Lanka Demo Finland brought together youth politicians from all parliamentary parties with different backgrounds for the first time after the civil war in 2015. The youth discussed openly the wounds of the civil war and made joint plans for reconciliation.

In Tanzania women’s wings of all parliamentary parties established the country’s first cross-party platform with the support of Demo Finland in 2010. Demo Finland’s support for the platform ended at the end of 2015 but the platform will continue its ground-breaking work for equality in Tanzanian politics and society.

In Egypt Demo Finland partnered in “Egyptian Women Engage Actively for Democracy & Reform” project, funded through the Fund for Local Cooperation of the Embassy of Finland in Cairo. The local partner was the Resources for Development Centre organisation, and the project’s goal was to empower young Egyptian women to actively take part in the democracy process of the country. Demo Finland’s role in the project was to coordinate the exchange of experiences between Finnish and Egyptian women politicians. This was done by organising “dialogue cafes”. Active women from various parties and organisations discussed via Skype on the status of women in Egypt and in Finland. Discussion ranged from the women’s socio-political impact to equality.

In Ghana Demo Finland worked in co-operation with the Ghanaian Institute of Economic Affairs and the European Partnership for Democracy to strengthen the role of women in Ghana’s parliament. The project focused on the parliamentary elections of December 2012 and supported the co-operation between female politicians and also the training of women into more informed and active members of politics and society. The project included workshops done jointly by the women’s organisations of political parties and female parliamentary candidates. Further training for the female representatives was organised after the elections. The experiences from the platform of Tanzanian female politicians were also shared with the participants of the project in Ghana. Speaking on the cross-party co-operation in Tanzania was Anna Abdallah, the president of the Tanzania Women Cross-Party Platform.

Demo Finland has also been involved in organising the exchange of experiences between politicians in Libya and in Morocco.