• Demo Finland supported the establishment of the Tanzania Women Cross-Party Platform, the country’s first co-operative platform for women’s wings of all parliamentary parties
  • The platform lead a consultative process on gender issues during the renewal of Tanzania’s constitution and thanks to the platform, the new draft proposes a change to the electoral system by which one woman and one man would be elected from each constituency
  • Over the years, T-WCP has trained more than 1000 politicians on gender and equality issues

Demo Finland supports pluralistic and representational democracy in Tanzania by strengthening gender equality in all levels of politics. Demo Finland’s work focuses on co-operation skills across party lines for the women’s organisations of political parties, and further training women politicians.

With Demo Finland’s support the women’s organisations of Tanzanian parties have founded the historical Tanzania Women Cross-Party Platform (TWCP), which has representatives from all six of the parliamentary parties’ women’s organisations and the women’s network of the Parliament. The platform enhances the political participation of women by organising joint campaigns, trainings and seminars. It also builds cross-party co-operation and dialogue. By co-operating across party lines, female politicians have better chances of getting their voices heard than by simply operating within their own party organisations.

The forum also operates on a local level, with the goal of opening doors for women on the grassroots-level of political participation, and to get more young women involved in politics. Locally the forum works to activate women’s participation in local councils through training and by strengthening the women’s capacities. Furthermore, Demo Finland with TWCP organise possibilities for international exchange of experiences, both between Finnish and Tanzanian female politicians and also by supporting South-South co-operation.

TWCP has managed to stabilise its status on the Tanzanian political field, and the concept has also raised interest in other African countries. In the national level the platform has been actively involved in the process to renew the Tanzanian constitution, with the end goal of strengthening gender equality in the democratic institutions of the country.

Demo Finland’s support to T-WCP ended in December 2015.

  • Funding: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland contribution 237 150 € (20132015)
  • Partner: Tanzania Women Cross-party Platform