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First politicians graduate from the Myanmar School of Politics

15 politicians from Tanintharyi Region became the first graduates from the Myanmar School of Politics (MySoP) during a ceremony in Dawei on Friday the 6th February.

The first extensive multiparty programme in the country was held during 4 one‐week periods of intensive training stretched over a 2-month period.

”No matter what our differences are and what party we belong to, we all live in Tanintharyi Region and together we are trying hard to develop this area. We may have different perspectives on things but that no longer stops us from moving forward together. Therefore I appreciate MySoP and all the participants, who have in this course had the chance to learn from international perspectives”, said Chief Minister U Myat Ko at the ceremony.

MySoP participants were trained by instructors from Indonesia, Myanmar, the Netherlands and Thailand in democratic skills, knowledge and practice. The second aim of the course was to enhance multiparty dialogue.

”We are impressed by the positive attitude of the participating politicians towards multiparty learning”, said NIMD Programme Manager Maaike van der Werf.

Executive Director of Demo Finland Tiina Kukkamaa-Bah also addressed the course: ”Democracy cannot function without democrats, and political parties in Myanmar are in a key position in developing democracy in Myanmar to respond to the local needs.”

”We look forward to supporting the democratic transition to the fullest by rolling out additional MySoPs in other regions/states in the near future”, added van der Werf.

Read the full press release from the MySoP.

Image: Chief Minister U Myat Ko presents a diploma to a MySoP graduate

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