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MP Heli Järvinen named as Demo Finland’s new Chair

Heli Järvinen, Member of the Parliament (Greens) has been named Demo Finland’s new Chair. Järvinen, re-entering the Parliament at the elections on April 19, is successor to Satu Haapanen who did not rerun for a seat in the Parliament.

Järvinen is familiar to Demo Finland as she has been a board member in 2010–2011.


Demo Finland’s new Chair, MP Heli Järvinen

“Increasing freedom of speech, citizen engagement, openness, transparency and cross-party cooperation is crucial when supporting developing countries. This contributes to reaching a democratic system and stability in these countries, and that is why Demo Finland’s example on cooperation between parties and its activities are important”, says Järvinen.

Järvinen has also worked with development issues before as she has previously been an active member in the population and development group of the Parliament.

Satu Haapanen was Demo Finland’s Chair from January 2014. Before that she was also a board member in 2012–2013.

“Demo Finland focuses on strengthening democracy in countries that still have a fragile multi-party system. Increasing the citizens’ and political groups’ possibilities to influence in decision making is required in order to make the voice of the people heard. As Chair of Demo Finland, I became convinced that strengthening the engagement of youth and women in politics has a big impact on stability and peace. Supporting the countries in democratic transition contributes to security and wealth also in the surrounding communities and in our own continent”, says Haapanen.

Heli Järvinen will be the Chair of Demo Finland till the end of 2015, after which the Swedish People’s Party will hold the seat for the next two years.

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