• From the beginning of 2017, Demo Finland supports six Regional Assemblies and the National Assembly of Mozambique in the democratic governance of natural resources
  • The project is part of Finland’s bi-lateral work with the Government of Mozambique

Demo Finland with its partners supports the democratic governance of extractive industries and natural resources in Mozambique. The aim of the project is to provide the National Assembly and six Regional Assemblies with sufficient know-how to oversee the use of natural resources and pass laws that ensure fair distribution of wealth created by the extractive industries.

In the first phase of the project the focus is on training decision-makers on the social and economic effects of the natural resource sector as well as questions concerning human rights and environmental issues. The trainings are organized together with the training centre of the Mozambican Parliament and the Eduard Mondlane University.

Another aim is to advance dialogue between decision-makers at different levels as well as with the academia and civil society. A safe space for open and constructive dialogue is needed in a heated political environment, where the benefits of natural resources are not seen to be distributed equally by all.

Based on previous experience in Demo Finland programmes, peer-learning between Mozambican and Finnish decision-makers will be facilitated.

The three-year project is part of Finland’s bi-lateral work in Mozambique.